Kuroji (black balance in Japanese) is a Dutch jewelry brand that stands for unique and elegant fine jewelry, in perfect balance. To wear every day and suitable for any occasion. From formal day-wear to informal evening, dining and stepping out with friends after work.

Our mission is to empower women, let them show their confidence. Brightening their day and share it with their girls. All in good balance, not to overrule your own brilliance. This is the reason why we work with sterling silver and Swarovski crystals; long-lasting materials and brilliance. Just like you.


My name is Rowenna Zwart and I have worked in the online marketing world for quite some time when the idea for Kuroji started in 2016. The desire to be creative and to have control over my own time to balance work and home, made me quit my job end 2017. This gave me the freedom to work on Kuroji and launch this beautiful webshop within a year in September 2018.

A beautiful journey from idea to prototype, with the help of a wonderful goldsmith Hans Mulder, who helped me with the final design and the production of the crystal casts which made the designs my own.

Thanks to my friends who have helped and supported me and literally made this website happen.

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks for visiting!

With love,


p.s. Looking for fun accessories for children? Please visit our sister website: www.kawaii-accessories.nl